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Meet Chido

Who is Chido Govera?

A hardworking, responsible and action oriented young woman. Passionate and committed to learning, dedicated to simplify securing basic needs, loves to share skills that promote food security, optimal conditions for self-development and reaches out to the ‘un-reached’, with the ultimate aim to end poverty and abuse. Believes that we are all responsible, regardless of backgrounds, to create a hopeful future for all.

Started mushroom farming at the age of 11 years. Received advanced training in a university laboratory from 12 to 16 years. From 16 to 20 caught up with high school studies and continued learning how to farm, preserve and sell mushrooms. At the age of 20 left the formal education system to engage in the more challenging and fulfilling work with village women and young orphans teaching practical skills to respond to basic needs for water, food and health.

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